Alum Pot: Descent of a Yorkshire Pothole

One of my first forays into filmmaking, this short video details the descent of this magnificent open pot.

With the upcoming caving conference and its video competition looming every closer, my decision to complete and enter this film had led to a flurry of activity to gather material. Several other cavers had agreed to accompany me including Chris Broome and my son Andrew and on May 18th 1994 we were able to capture many of the spectacular backdrops to our rope descent.

In the early days of SRT (single rope technique) most anchors in Yorkshire caves were of the red bolt variety (placed by Dave Elliot or one of his disciples) so in addition to filming in quite wet conditions we had the technical element of a wet descent to contend with.

Originally known as Heln Pot and first descended by Birkbeck, Alumn Pot was much feared by early writers and explorers judging by its description as a ‘gaping monster of nature’ by John Hutton.

It was entered into the Nottingham Film Festival 1996 where it won 3rd prize in the Documentary section.