Bagshawe Resurgence: A Source of Potential

Bagshawe Resurgence is the source of Bradwell Brook that runs through the  Derbyshire High Peak village of Bradwell on its way to join the river Derwent. 

The water sinks at several places beneath Hucklow Edge augmenting the water gathered from as far away as Grindlow, a mile to the South. It travels unseen in the dark recesses of the limestone and flows beneath Bagshawe Cavern before emerging from stone portals on the edge of the village.

The site is a source of potential for cave divers who have for many years tried to discover the exact underground route of the flooded passages. Unfortunately their efforts have so far failed due to the difficulties of getting beyond a serious boulder blockage. Andy Morrison, new to the sport of cave diving, decides to make it his first major underwater project…

In 2007 the dig was revisited by divers J. Taylor, S. Cornhill, S. Brooks and others. Their efforts ultimately resulted in a breakthrough to dry passage in Bagshawe Cavern. But the long sought after ‘master cave’ beneath Hucklow Edge still remains.

The film also includes a history of the site as told by Jack Badger, on whose land the resurgence is situated, and is illustrated with many old photographs from the collection of the late Eric Gill. Features interviews with cave divers John Cordingly and Russell Carter during the arduous underwater dig.

Hidden Earth Video Competition prizewinner.