To Titan From The Top

The epic story of one of the UK’s most ambitious, privately-funded cave digs. Despite being Britain’s deepest cave shaft, it proved to be frustratingly elusive to the crew attempting to excavate a connecting path from up in the spectacular High Peak of Derbyshire.

Filmed over three years “as it happened” in often grim conditions above and below ground, ‘To Titan…’ serves not only as a testament to the determination and ingenuity of the crew, who, at times at the brink of despair, employed all manner of engineering methods with individually-sought tools and devices, but also their steadfast passion: eagerly subjecting themselves to dark, dirty and cramped spaces for the sheer thrill of discovery and fascination with this beautiful netherworld.

It received excellent reviews, and extracts were shown on BBC and ITV adventure programmes. As one awestruck member of the caving team put it: “they haven’t invented adjectives to describe that shaft. It were just titaneous‘.

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