Goodluck Mine: A Living Legacy

Produced in 2012 for the Goodluck Mine Preservation Club to highlight their work and explain the long history of lead mining in the area and Goodluck mine in particular.

Goodluck mine is a uniquely intact example of a small scale early 19th century Derbyshire lead mine. The film deals with the history of the Via Gellia and its mines, leading to a detailed account of Goodluck mine, now open to visitors.

The film also includes:

  • The Via Gellia and its connections with lead mining
  • An underground tour of some of the mines in the Via Gellia.
  • The History of Goodluck mine with underground and surface tours.
  • The work of the Goodluck Mine Preservation Club.     
  • Interviews including one with Simon Alsop, whose ancestor John Alsop owned the mine.
  • Some aspects of mining law explained by Peter Naylor  

This DVD is available to purchase from the official Goodluck Mine website here.